Plan Your Week (and Actually Stick to It) – How to Use Notion to Manage Your Day-to-Day Activities

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We all have grand plans to organize our weeks efficiently. We start off motivated on Monday, scheduling meetings, blocking off to-do lists, meal prepping salads to eat healthy. Come Tuesday, the salad is soggy and forgotten as we scramble to make that last-minute deadline. Before we know it, the week has slipped by in a blur, and once again, we wonder, what happened!? 

Planning is one thing, but actually sticking to the plan is an entirely different skill. Thankfully, with the right app, you can not only plan efficiently but also execute tasks productively. 

Enter Notion – the all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management and task execution. 

In this blog post we’ll show you how to use Notion to take control of your days and organize your weeks. We’ll introduce Notion productivity templates for:

  • scheduling, 
  • to-do lists, 
  • project boards, 
  • and habit trackers. 

With some simple setup, you can build the foundations to stick to your plans and make progress on your goals. The best part? All of these templates are customizable to suit your needs!

Let’s get started planning your best week yet!

Why You Need to Plan Your Week

Before we dive into Notion, let’s first talk about why taking the time to plan out your week is so important for your productivity and success. 

It comes down to three main benefits:

1. Reduces Stress.

An unplanned week leaves you scrambling from one task to the next, never quite sure what’s coming or what needs to be done. Planning clears the chaos so you can focus on execution rather than constantly putting out fires.

2. Improves Time Management.

Planning allows you to see all your tasks and priorities in one place, helping you batch activities, spot gaps in your schedule, and block off focus time. Your days will run more smoothly when you know what’s coming. 

3. Helps You Reach Goals.

An organized week keeps your eyes on the prize. Scheduling meaningful actions tied to bigger goals helps guarantee you make incremental progress while reflecting at the end of the week helps celebrate wins. Without a plan, it’s easy to get distracted by the urgent rather than the important.

Now let’s look at how to implement consistent weekly planning with Notion.

Notion 101

For those new to Notion, let’s first get you up to speed on why it’s the best free app for organizing your plans. Notion is an incredibly versatile workspace that allows you to create customizable databases to manage your workflows. 

Here are a few key features that make it great for planning:

  • Flexible databases to manage tasks, events, goals – set it up however you like!
  •  Integrations with calendars, email, docs – connect your existing tools
  • Charming visuals if you want to jazz up your pages
  • Mobile app so your plans are always accessible 
  • Sharing and collaboration features to work with others
  • And best of all, it’s free!

Notion takes the friction out of planning by giving you infinite flexibility to manage schedules how you like. Whether you’re a visual person who loves colorful boards or a pragmatic minimalist devoted to tidy lists, Notion has you covered.  

Now let’s explore the specific planning templates that will help organize your weeks!

Notion Weekly Planning Template

A weekly review is the cornerstone of an organized, productive week. This Notion weekly planning template ensures you start your week intentionally by:

  •  Reviewing last week’s progress across projects and habits
  • Capturing lessons learned about what worked well (and what didn’t!)
  • Clarifying your biggest priorities and goals for the coming week 
  • Outlining specific tasks required to move the needle on those goals  

The template centralizes all the components needed for weekly planning:

Last Week Review

A Monday reflection session helps you process what went well the previous week and any dropped balls that need attention. Review completed tasks, habit tracker, events attended and progress towards bigger goals.

Lessons & Insights 

What did you learn last week about your habits and effectiveness? Note any new insights into what conditions you thrive in and common obstacles that trip you up. These will inform plans for the coming week.

This Week’s Big Rocks

A “Big Rocks” planning session lets you define your most important priorities and goals for the coming week. Limit it to 3-5 big priorities to avoid overscheduling yourself. 

Project & Checklist Templates

For each priority, create a Project page outlining:

  • Overall objective in focusing on this goal
  • Specific tasks, owners and deadlines to make progress
  • View as a timeline or kanban board 

Checklists capture routine responsibilities like email, meetings and errands so your hands are free for more strategic work.

Habit Tracker

Rollover any ongoing habits you want to continue sticking to like exercise, reading or budgeting. Monitor consistency over time.   

With your big priorities defined and key tasks scheduled, you’re ready to execute!

Daily Planning with Notion

While the weekly review sets your direction, you still need to implement your tasks efficiently. This is where a Daily Planning template keeps you on track:

Schedule Template

Maps out your day hour by hour. Block off focus time for priorities, batch similar tasks and schedule breaks to recharge. Overlap calendar events automatically.

Tasks Database 

Adds tasks from project checklists to give you your todo list for the day. Check them off as you go and move incomplete ones to tomorrow.

Notes & Journaling

Capture meeting notes, creative ideas or general reflections easily in one place so nothing gets lost. Process during breaks. 

Habit Tracking

Don’t just plan habits once a week, track them daily! Tick off fitness routines, writing sessions or anything else you want to turn into a consistent practice. 

Planning your day in the morning or the night before lets you hit the ground running rather than wasting mental energy figuring out where to start. Pair daily execution with your weekly plan and you’ll make consistent progress all week long!

Notion Goal Tracking Template

If you’re setting bigger quarterly goals beyond your weekly checklists, this Notion Goal Tracker will take your plans to the next level with:

Goal Dashboard

Visually display your most important goals and their current progress at a glance. See what’s on track versus falling behind.

Quarterly Planning 

Schedule in milestones for each project, breaking bigger goals down into smaller parts executed week to week. 

Monthly Reviews

Revisit progress at the end of each month to course correct. Evaluate what’s working and where you’re getting stuck.

Notifications & Reminders.

Never lose sight of the bigger picture by getting reminders when milestones are due. Integrate deadlines with your calendar.  

Whoever said you can’t plan serendipity was right, but you CAN lay the foundations for productivity and progress when inspiration strikes. Notion provides those foundations by giving you clarity on where you are, where you want to go and your next right step. 

The templates above streamline planning from your daily schedule to bigger life goals. More importantly, they help embed consistency into your weeks and months so you actually stick to plans long enough to break through plateaus. So don’t just plan for the sake of planning – plan smart and thoughtfully with Notion.

The all-in-one workspace is infinitely flexible for organizing your projects HOWEVER, your mind works best. Visually map out plans on a timeline, toggle between task boards, and track progress over time – whatever helps you gain traction! Sign up for free to start customizing your own templates.

The Bottom Line

Consistency and gradual progress will compound over time to drive incredible results. Notion gives you the bird’s eye view needed to design your days with intentionality rather than leaving productivity up to chance. 

It streamlines frameworks for planning your weeks and tracking bigger goals so you can stick to your plans, not just make them. Customizable templates distill order from the chaos so you can focus mental energy on achievement over organization.

While no app can guarantee success outright, Notion gets your foundations for productivity and progress firmly in place. When inspiration or opportunity strikes, the path forward has already been mapped out through weekly planning sessions full of next-step tasks. 

So if you’re ready to step up consistency to reach the next level – whether that be in health, your career or relationships – don’t just plan for planning’s sake. Plan smart with Notion and let achievement take care of itself.

The all-in-one workspace is infinitely flexible to match all styles and needs. And best of all, it won’t cost you a cent to build the customized workflow of your dreams!

Ready to start planning your weeks like a pro? Sign up, choose a template to customize – the rest is up to you!

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