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PRIVACY POLICY hereinafter to be referred to as “We” or “Company”, is stringently dedicated to respecting the privacy of individuals, as per the protection of personal information. Hereinbelow is described what personal information may be collected by private individuals on (the “Website”), and in what manner the collected personal information shall be used by website.

For the purposes of this privacy policy, the term “You” or “User” shall refer to all individuals who use, visit, or view the website.

Provided that, by visiting or using the website, you accept and expressly agree to be bound by this privacy policy, and in circumstances of any changes or updates made to our Privacy Policy, your continued use or visitation shall constitute your acceptance to those changes or updates. Further that in case you do not wish to be bound by our Privacy Policy, you must refrain from accessing or using it from any platform whatsoever.


We comply with the protection of personal information, in accordance with which we collect, protect, use, and disclose your personal information. The law requires us to inform you about such collection of your personal information, and what circumstances shall mandate it. Under the law, you possess the right to access your personal information that has been collected, and to receive an evaluation of how such information is being used or disclosed.


As per our policy, children refer to a child below the age of 13, whose privacy we respect and always uphold. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection, we mark our website as inappropriate for children. The information, and content made available for public is only intended for people over the age of 18. Without the prior, express parental or guardian consent, we do not knowingly collect, use, manage, record, or disclose the information of children. If there are records of any personal information being collected or used in such a manner; please contact to have that information disposed off without any undue delay.


3.1. Upon access, you may be providing certain personal information that identifies you, including without limitation; name, email address, phone number, profile image, and residential address, along with credit card information in case a purchase is to be made through the website.

3.2.The personal information is collected, when you use the search feature, or provide comments, online surveys, or any feedback, or register on website, or subscribe to any services of; newsletters, placing an order for delivery or enter any such information for communicating with us.

3.3.The collected personal information is used exclusively for personalizing your experience during the course of your visit to the website, analyze and customize website statistics to user interests, and resultantly to improve the features of website, improve our performance, and to enhance our services and products offered on the website by ensuring better customer service support; process transactions or requests; provide offers, promotions, discounts; customize advertisements; and to carry forward a correspondence with you via email, live chat, or mobile text. Such collected information may be utilized to promote and make offers from our affiliations, or partners in exchange for reasonable commission, without additional costs for you.

3.4.Accordingly, certain information is collected from you automatically through Log data, Google Analytics; “Log data” is any information about computer/device Internet Protocol Address, browser information, Internet Service Provider information, type of operating system and browser etcetera. The term “Google Analytics” refers to collection of information regarding your browsing history, location, pages surveyed, device used for accessing website, traffic patterns, and other related information while you are using the website.


4.1.Any comments left on the website are retained along with their metadata open-endedly. This is so we can approve, recognize, and organize any subsequent comments automatedly, instead of holding them in a status quo.

4.2.When a comment is left on website, your name, email address, and related basic information of browsing is not entitled to sharing with a third-party but can be used for communicating with you.

4.3.All kinds of sharing and social media account links are made available on the website, by which users are advised to be cautious when choosing to contact with us via social media sites, since it shall imply your voluntariness to disclosing your personal information. Accordingly, when chosen to share through such social media sites of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and others, the personal information shall no longer be private, and can effortlessly be tracked, used, and collected by sites.

4.4.Under such circumstances, we take no responsibility or liability for the use, disclosure, storage, of such disseminated personal information, through medium of comments or social media interactions.


5.1.The website may use cookies to facilitate, support and assist your experience on the website, wherein “cookie” refers to all such small bits of data, which is created by website, and placed on the user’s device, so that subsequent use of site would allow user to have a personalized experience.

5.2.Alike other websites, we collect non-personal identifiable information from you, including without limitation; Internet Protocol Address, Geographic location, language preference, particulars of visit, and information related to what has been searched on website.

5.3. For the purpose of this Agreement, the cookies may be created in the following manner:

(i)When leaving a comment on site, you may opt-in (choose to) save your name, email address as cookies, so that when commenting again, such information shall be automatically filled in, ultimately creating a convenient experience for you.

(ii)If you sign or log into website, a temporary cookie maybe set up to determine your browser cookie settings. This cookie contains no personal information and is immediately discarded once the website is closed.

5.4.Cookie information may be used to: heighten, better serve, understand, and personalize your browsing experience, retaining your basic preferences and settings for subsequent use, customizing advertisements to your interests.

5.5.For purposes of privacy, you may choose to turn cookies off on your device, by which no cookie data shall be created to your device, and it may restrict certain website features and content for you.


6.1.The third parties may use web beacons, which refers to monitoring and collecting general information of user’s activity on a website, for the purposes of web analytics and customer behavior data. The web beacons generally allow customized advertisements based on user interests being consistent of GIFs, pixel tags, web bugs or related bits.

6.2.We may use web beacons to monitor your use of the website, and consequently collect general information in compliance with social media sites for the purposes of promoting our products, remarketing, and running target advertisements.

6.3.In circumstances where third party sites use their own cookies, web beacons and related techniques, they may collect your general information on accessing our website, and therein when visiting their sites, our advertisements may be shown.


7.1.For the purposes of fair competition, we may provide, offer, or advertise third-party links, products, or services on our website. Upon using such link, the user shall not be bound by our Privacy Policy.

7.2.Any articles on our website may be consistent of embedded content i.e., images, videos, advertisements etcetera. Such content provides an implied access to other website from our website. This content allows third parties to collect your information, cookies, track your preferences and interests, and to monitor your general or logged-in interaction with embedded content.

7.3.We use Google AdSense advertising along with any advertising which the third-party may use on our website. In such case, Google is a third-party that shall use cookies to serve targeted advertisements on website to enhance user activity on website.

7.4.The user is at freedom to opt or opt-out of third-party advertising, since we possess no control or supervision over them. We do not take any responsibility for activities and practices of third parties and under any injuring circumstances, you shall be required to contact them directly, and be responded to as per their privacy policies.


8.1.Generally, no personal information is disclosed to third parties unless user consent is taken.

8.2.The following situations shall mandate disclosure without user consent:

(i)Disclosure to our trustworthy third parties for providing services or products, such as our website hosting partner, email marketing service provider, website operating service providers, and any other affiliates or subsidiaries.

(ii)Disclosure for purposes of complying with court order, federal or provincial regulations related to lawsuits or legal claims related to website.

(iii)Disclosure to our acquiring, or successor party in occasions of merger, acquisition, dissolution, restructure, or partial sale and purchase. Such disclosure of personal information shall be in accordance with this privacy policy.


9.1.The user shall have option to subscribe or unsubscribe from our email marketing.

9.2.The opting and subscribing, you expressly agree to duly receive notifications regarding; updates, newsletters, messages, promotional material, and any other content related to this website. Upon first intimated email, your email address and responses therein are recorded for further communications.

9.3.The recorded information is kept confidential and is not entitled to any sharing, selling, or trading to any third-party, except as herein contained.

10. OPT-OUT:

10.1.We comply with the law, by which we do not spam or send misleading information in our email marketing service.

10.2.In any case, if the user no longer wishes to receive any notifications from us, then you have the option of unsubscribing by clicking the option of “unsubscribe” at the top-bottom of email sent by us.

10.3.For unsubscribing or opting out to third-parties advertising techniques, we do not take any responsibility, users are advised to contact them directly.

11. GDPR USER RIGHTS: (for European Countries’ citizens and resident)

11.1.The General Data Protection Regulations, anonymously known as GDPR regulations are followed in all European Union states and are part of human rights law, therein allowing certain rights to users residing in European countries.

11.2.Therein, we comply with the EU GDPR, which entitle you, with the following set of rights:

(i)You have the right to access your personal information, which has been collected.

(ii)You have the right to rectify or entirely erase your personal information and verify accuracy of same.

(iii)You have the right to object to processing of your collected personal information in circumstances of, direct marketing, profiling, scientific or historical or statistical purposes, automated responses, preferential tasks etcetera.

(iv)Any information processing is only for purposes of entering into intimation with user, and the consent for such processing is not misused in any manner. However, at any time if wished to, you have the right to restrict the manner we process your information, in such case information may be retained, but it shall not be processed.

(v)You have the right to the transferability of your information; requests can be made for receiving or transferring it to another server.

(vi)You have the right to withdraw consent given at any point of time. For instance, consent for the processing of your personal information can be withdrawn without affecting the legitimacy of processing based upon consent that happened prior to consent withdrawal.

(vii)You have the right to issue complaints with supervising authority, having competent jurisdiction to GDPR regulations.

(viii)Your personal information shall be retained by us, unless:

  • You request us to delete it through our email address [email protected]. This deletion will restrict your free access to website content unlike provided previously.
  • The website no longer remains in service.
  • The collected information has outdated or is no longer required for providing service.


12.1.The user shall be entitled to the following legal rights under law, which shall generally include:

(i)Right to know whether personal information is sold or disclosed to third parties and to restrict such sale, or disclosure; regardless both acts are always executed subject to user consent. A request maybe submitted at [email protected] to restrict sale of personal information.

(ii)Right to access your personal information, which shall be provided within a reasonable period of thirty (30) days of request.

(iii)Right to know what personal information is collected, and how it shall be used as hereinbefore mentioned.

(iv)Right to have personal information deleted.

(v)Right to receive equal services, costs and non-discrimination like other users whilst accessing our website.

(vi)Right to data portability, and right to request your personal information for personal use.

(vii)Right to know whether we honor “Do not track” settings, which we do not monitor nor respond to such browser settings.

12.2.The user shall be entitled to exercise such rights by sending an official email at [email protected]. All such requests must be consistent with sufficient particulars; name, email address, country, phone number, and fill out any captcha; all of which would allow us to certify and verify your action/ of your authorized representative whilst acting on your behalf. Kindly take notice that any responses shall be made within a reasonable period of 30 days, and no response maybe made in circumstances of incomplete shared information, by which we would not have been able to identify you.


13.1.We give utmost deference to the personal information users submit voluntarily, and so securing it by following general commercial industry standards is deemed to be very important. Despite no mechanism on internet being completely secure, we guarantee reasonable security measures.

13.2.When making credit card or online purchases, you are directed to third-party vendor for completing transactions; and thus, any information shared during such transaction is not entitled to storage by us, but the third-party vendor.

13.3.By using, and accessing our website, you expressly agree to take responsibility for yourself against any security breaches, and unauthorized use of personal information by third parties. We shall bear no liability for any information disclosures made through our website, without our knowledge.


14.1.This privacy policy shall be effective as of 1 January 2024 and shall be entitled to updates and modifications as required overtime.

14.2.The user shall be responsible for visiting our private policy periodically to inspect any new updates made in the policy.

14.3.Any such updates shall be effective upon hereinafter inserted modifications and your consent along with continued use of website shall be implied as to acceptance to modified private policy as well.


For purposes of any feedback, questions or comments regarding the private policy, the user may contact us at our email address [email protected]