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Team Directory Notion Template


Connect your distributed teams seamlessly so you can increase collaboration, and alignment, and reach your goals faster with the Employee Directory Notion Template.

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Unite Your Organization and Boost Employee  Productivity On Notion.

Connect your distributed teams seamlessly so you can increase collaboration, and alignment, and reach your goals faster with the Employee Directory Notion Template.


Bring your organization together and transform teamwork with the Employee Directory Notion Template.

The Employee Directory Notion Template streamlines team connectivity, allowing seamless collaboration across departments.

  • Customizable to Your Needs
    Tailor the template fields and views to match your organization’s structure and goals. The flexibility ensures it aligns perfectly with your workflows.
  • Centralized Directory
    Have all employee details and bios in one place for quick access and simplified management. Easily stay updated on team changes.
  • Enhanced Visibility
    View and filter employees by department, status, date joined, etc. Gain visibility into your workforce and improve communications.
  • Facilitates Connections
    Enable employees to find each other in the directory and mention colleagues in Notion for streamlined teamwork.


Transform Team Connectivity with A State of the Art Structure

The Employee Directory Notion Template provides the tools to seamlessly connect and manage your workforce. The template offers:

  1. Employee Profile Pages
    Dedicated pages for each employee’s profile, including name, role, department, status, bio, and contact info.
  2. Centralized Directory
    A gallery view of all employees with quick access to profiles. Filter and sort as needed.
  3. Customizable Fields
    Tailor template fields like departments, employment status, and more to fit your needs.
  4. Interactive Views
    Toggle between gallery, table, and other views for optimal visibility into your directory.
  5. Mention Employees in Notion
    Link employees across your Notion workspace to facilitate collaboration.
  6. Birthdays and Work Anniversaries
    Keep track of milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries.
  7. Team Change Log
    Log when employees join, leave, or change roles for simplified tracking.
  8. Access Control
    Manage template access and permissions at team or individual level.


Tired of disjointed tools for managing your workforce?

Let’s examine the issues with existing employee management solutions:

  • Rigid, generic platforms that don’t align to your organization’s structure.
  • Siloed systems that lead to fragmented information and communication gaps.
  • Limited compatibility across devices, compromising accessibility.

We’ve taken a different approach.

See how our Employee Directory Notion Template is better for your team:

  • Get started swiftly in under 30 minutes with our intuitive, user-friendly template.
  • Customize it to match your company’s departments, roles, and workflows.
  • Accessible across all your devices (desktop, phone, tablet) for seamless usage.

Transform Your Teamwork.

Imagine the impact when communication barriers dissolve and your workforce aligns seamlessly. Envision the satisfaction as fragmented systems are replaced with streamlined collaboration. The Employee Directory Notion Template allows you to break down silos, boost visibility, and strengthen connections—transforming teamwork across your organization.

Experience the Evolution.

With the Employee Directory Notion Template, you’re not just implementing a new system—you’re making a meaningful commitment to unified teamwork. Now is the time to overcome fragmentation and step into a future where cross-functional collaboration is effortless.

Reach New Heights Together.

This template isn’t just about tracking employees; it’s about evolving your culture. Whether it’s launching new products, expanding globally, or increasing output, the Employee Directory Notion Template supports your organization every step of the way, empowering you to make your shared goals a reality.


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