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The Struggle is Real: Managing Ideas as a Writer

From scattered notes to detailed outlines, every writer has their own chaotic system for organizing their creative process. We feverishly scribble down spur-of-the-moment story ideas, extensively profile our characters, research topics relevant to our plots, build intricate timelines of events, and take copious notes throughout. By the time we finally sit down to write, we’re buried under piles (literal or digital) of disorganized ideas. 

Then the real struggle begins. We waste precious time sifting through pages and files trying to piece together some semblance of a story. The ideas that initially sparked such excitement are lost in the rubble of disorganized chaos. Before we know it, procrastination wins out and another writing project gets relegated to the backburner.

This doesn’t have to be your reality. With the right organizational system, you can tame the creative madness and transform your writing process.

Enter Notion – Your All-In-One Writing Toolkit

Notion provides a versatile workspace for organizing all your writing needs in one easy-to-navigate hub. The feature-packed software offers a variety of tools to help wrangle your ideas into submission, including:

🔹 Databases for collecting and managing content  

🔹 Customizable tables, galleries, boards and lists  

🔹 Wikis with interlinking pages  

🔹 Drag-and-drop functionality  

🔹 File upload and embeds  

🔹 And so much more!

With some tweaking, Notion can adapt to any writer’s organizational style – from meticulous outliners to loosey-goosey pantsers. Best of all, everything lives in the same digital space for easy access across devices. Say goodbye to frantically searching through chaotic files and notebooks. Notion brings order to the court of idea management.

Convinced to give Notion a try but overwhelmed by setup? Don’t let organizing your creative space become another procrastination excuse. Keep reading for Notion template solutions tailored to writers.  

Notion Notebook Templates – Organization Without the Headache 

Even with Notion’s flexibility, building a writing workspace from scratch can still prove daunting. Fortunately, templates allow you to hit the ground running with pre-made Notion notebooks tailored for writers. 

Notion notebook templates do the heavy lifting when it comes to:

✔️ Structuring the overall workspace  

✔️ Creating efficient frameworks for content  

✔️ Adding useful writing-centric features  

✔️ Personalizing to suit different writing styles  

In short, templates eliminate the struggle of building your very own Notion writing toolkit. Take what works, tweak what doesn’t, and say adios to setup excuses.

Convinced you need a Notion notebook template in your writing life? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few writer-approved templates worth checking out:

Character Building Notebook

If intricate character profiles with detailed backstories and visual references inspire your writing process, then the Character Building Notebook may be the Notion template for you.  

This template includes tables to catalog character details from physical attributes to emotional motivations. You can even keep track of character relationships in linked relationship profiles. Pages dedicated to visual references allow you to pin images for inspiration.

When it comes time to write that next character-driven story, everything you need to tap into your creations lives in this Notion template.

Manuscript Tracker Dashboard 

For writers immersed in drafting, revising, and editing, stay on top of your works-in-progress with the Manuscript Tracker Dashboard.

This template provides an at-a-glance overview of all your current manuscripts with key details like word count, percentage drafted, and submission tracking. Drill deeper into each individual work for additional sections to store synopses, character profiles, research, and notes on specific chapters and scenes.

No more losing track of plot points and revisions. With the Manuscript Tracker Dashboard, you can finally wrangle those works-in-progress.  

Storyline & Worldbuilding Workbook

Some writers revel in constructing intricate story worlds complete with magic systems and origin tales. For fantasy and sci-fi writers especially, worldbuilding forms the very foundation of your tales.  

The Storyline & Worldbuilding Workbook by Shard Table serves as the ultimate Notion toolkit for organizing and developing your unique story universe. 

Dedicated sections allow you to outline plot points, build histories, create location profiles, design political systems, and inventory other world details that influence your narrative. Reference story beats and world lore with ease while drafting your manuscripts.  

For writers who consider worldbuilding an integral part of the creative process, this template delivers.  

Scrivener Replacement Workspace 

Scrivener boasts an almost cult-like following of writers who rely on the writing program for manuscript drafting and organizing. Making the switch from Scrivener to Notion need not spur panic. The Scrivener Replacement Workspace reproduces popular Scrivener functionality to ease your transition.   

This template mimics Scrivener’s folder structure with sections for notes, characters, locations, research, story metadata, and more. The Manuscript section even allows you to break projects into chapters and scenes documented in individual pages. Draft, organize, and track your progress without sacrificing the framework you love.

For steadfast Scrivener users converted to the church of Notion, the Scrivener Replacement Workspace lets you have your cake and eat it too.   

World Anvil Worldbuilding Template 

Avid worldbuilders may already be familiar with how World Anvil’s interactive templates empower organizing story worlds online. Well, this Notion template brings that same worldbuilding prowess into your writer’s workspace.  

Leverage World Anvil’s tried-and-tested methodology for establishing characters, plotting timelines, designing interactive maps, outlining histories, and building out intricate world details. Reference all these elements while drafting your tales. 

If you crave deep worldbuilding functionality, turn to this template for guidance on developing rich story universes worthy of fantasy epics or intricate sci-fi sagas.  

Save Time with Writing Notion Templates

Still plotting, researching, and profile building instead of actually writing? Cut down on wasted creative effort with writing templates for Notion that keep your ideas organized and accessible in one place. 

For fiction and nonfiction writers alike, Notion helps tame ideas into coherent manuscripts. Tailor customizable frameworks to your creative style then reference linked pages and databases while writing.  

Still not convinced your inner writer needs Notion? Keep reading for the ultimate Notion notebook template to rule all writing needs.

The Ultimate Note-Taking Template for Writers  

As a writer, I’ve tested my fair share of note-taking systems in neverending quests for writing zen. How much time have I lost trying random methods, digitizing analog processes, or building Notion systems from scratch? Too much, my friends. Way too much.

Enough is enough. After years of idea wrangling struggles, I created the notebook template I always wanted: 

The Ultimate Note-Taking Template

This all-in-one Notion writing toolkit customizes to suit planning, drafting, organizing, and tracking all your stories, articles, books, and more. 

Built for all writers including:

✨ Fiction authors

✨ Bloggers  

✨ Content writers

✨ Journalists

✨ Copywriters

✨ Poets

✨ And literally anyone else who strings words together

My entire writing processis beauracratized into this Notion template packed with features like:

📝 Interactive manuscript tracker

📝 Centralized writing schedule

📝 Content calendar with assignments

📝 Consolidated project dashboard

📝 Daily progress journals

📝 Habit and goal trackers

📝 Evernote migration tools

📝 Quick-capture inboxes for ideas, notes, quotes etc.

📝 Reference material summaries

📝 Publishing submission logs

Along with all the researching, outlining, and organizing necessities like: 

✏️ Detailed character profiles

✏️ Chapter & scene frameworks

✏️ Plot point timelines 

✏️ Worldbuilding cheat sheets 

✏️ Article topic guides

✏️ Client brief databases

I’ll stop before this starts sounding like a late-night infomercial. But you get the idea. This template tames ALL the writing chaos.

Save yourself hours of struggle by starting with The Ultimate Note-Taking Template for Writers pre-loaded into your Notion account. Customize it to suit your writing style and say bye-bye to organize excuses forever.  

>>> Access The Ultimate Note-Taking Template Here <<<

With structured Notion writing workspaces, your ideas finally have a home. Now, will you build yet another system that leaves you overwhelmed? Or leverage pre-made notebook templates to start writing, research, and tracking works-in-progress in centralized stories-universes?

Choose the latter and transform Notion into your write-from-anywhere cockpit for idea organization. Install a template today and start wrangling your writing into productive drafts instead of languishing notes.

Say Goodbye to Writing Roadblocks

Still staring at a blank page rather than nurturing your next bestseller? Don’t let another sparkling idea lose luster under a sea of post-it notes, scattered Google docs, lost notebooks, or other organizational black holes for creativity.

Instead, take control of your writing process with structured Notion templates serving up frameworks for wrangling ideas into shipshape manuscripts. Conquer the chaotic beast, finish works-in-progress, publish more, and transform your passion into productivity with personalized writing environments.

What excuse remains not to install an awesome notebook template today? Go give your writing wings and finally become the author you wish to be!

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